Thursday, May 14, 2020

Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories would be one thing if these beliefs were limited to the GOP base. But it’s not just the rubes. It’s the Senators and the Representatives. It’s the President and his lawyers. They all feed from the paranoid conservative infotainment trough, which has to up the ante every year in order to make the world as it really is match up somehow with false conservative ideological orthodoxy.

I guess the earth if flat too. Believe it or not hundreds of thousands believe that as well.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Wanna Cry - The hero behind it all

Friday, May 8, 2020

Dump Trump

Dump Trump. Why do I always feel that he is being less than honest? The obvious answer is that the orange man himself, the leader of the free world, is a delusional psychotic. Now he has something presidential to worry about, with the Corona virus, running rampant globally, and in large cities like New York.

Rather than listening to the WHO or the CDC, this idiot decides to concoct a plan with his administration fully on board, to remediate the virus from the United States. I live in New York City and let me tell you, it looks like a nuclear holocaust. The buildings look normal, but the streets are empty, and citizens are nowhere to be found, except scurrying into the subway. No business anywhere, with major events, canceled, including Broadway.

Trump the great, has a huge problem since now he is forced to be President, and a real leader. The Corona Virus is just in time to destroy the Trump monarchy. The king has failed and looks like he should showboat on SNL, and a reality show star. That's all he is. I'm sorry to say.



The president is delusional, suffering from mental illness, and still believes somehow, he is god's gift to humanity. Truly, I have never seen mental illness so overt, and no one in his circle will engage in the concept that the man is unable to execute the oath of the office faithfully and responsibly. 
This is a powerful advertisement.

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