Tuesday, May 5, 2020

What's the frequency Kenneth? I mean Joe.

I know I bust on Trump, and for good damn reason. He is a delusional psychopath, a narcissist, con artist extraordinaire, and someone that really needs to stay out of the tanning bed, and drop the West Palm Beach orange pancreatic liver failure look. I know, I think I am adorable and funny. But, let me tell you something. This guy, how should I put it, umm, is one step out of the viral riddled nursing home, and two steps from the casket. What's the frequency Kenneth?

That is without me even talking about his pension for for making the opposite sex uncomfortable, and the rest of America uncomfortable as well.

One of the things I liked about the man was his roots, beliefs, and a self described family man. All of that seems to be an illusion. 

The more he talks, the more he makes himself guilty. His constant meltdowns and brain farts simply cannot be tolerated anymore. I am not sure how Alyssa Milano keeps fooling herself. To her the problem is confined to her various social movements, and there are many that she is involved with, yet, never really mentions the issue with his chronic brain fart problem, sometimes not even aware of his muse and ramblings, inability to complete common cognitive thought, and shall I say it? The old man, is indeed a old man, and from that he will never recover, and be the candidate that people want him to be. Not even an actress best known for being a witch, from conservative Staten Island can change that. So, she continues to make noise.

It's going to be a victory for make America Great again. Not to use a previous Senator's words, but in my mind, America was always great. 

Back to Joe. There was a reason Obama kept him locked up in the closet at the White House. He has more gaffs, than I have bar fights. Trust me on this one, I have been thrown out of every bar this side of the Mississippi. 

In closing, rambling with a jew with a bagel, telling me a story about what Judo and jew dough have in common, other than Karate , I forever rest my case, and in the Great State of New York, write Joseph Stephen DeBlasio on the ballot as a write in. 

Back to the jew, bagel, coffee, and a few opiate addicted homeless in Queens. 



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